Wednesday, January 13, 2010


At first, I thought I would never have a blog since I don’t know how to write well. But lately, I don’t care if my writing is horrible or awful, I just love my blog!! Hahaha

I think all of my friends know that I really love Michael Jackson and Muse. I have tried so hard to find MJ and Muse background for my blog and my plurk, but I got nothing. Well, there is one for MJ, but I don’t like it. So, I just got this background (Rockstar) and put Muse’s picture on top from my notebook. Why Muse? Why not MJ? Well, they’re equal in my heart, but at the moment when I edited the blog, my intuition just directed me to use this picture… hehehehe….

While for plurk background, it’s quite funny lol… I couldn’t find any MJ or Muse background/layout/theme, and I couldn’t put any picture from my notebook. While I was browsing it on the internet, I found twilight’s themes. Gosh… It’s so unfair… there are twilights everywhere but none for MUSE!!!! What the…!!! Well, despite my hatred, I chose one of twilight themes for my plurk background. Actually, it's quite nice… It’s a man who starred in Twilight. Quite good loking….I like it!! Hahahaah….

Later at night, I met a friend of mine on msn. She is twilight’s fan!! When I told her about my plurk’s theme, she asked me the name of the man who starred twilight!! Hello???? I know nothing about Twilight and I don’t give a shit who the stars are!! Hahahahahahaha….

Well, the only thing I know about Twilight is Muse’s songs (Super massive Black Holes and I belong to you) are the OST of Twilight series (Twilight and New Moon). And I just get informed that another Muse’s song will be on the last series of Twilight too (Eclipse). Hmm… I never watched the first two films… Should I watch the third? I don’t know yet.. hehehehehe…..

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