Monday, January 11, 2010

People who inspire me

I don’t know why I want to share it, but it suddenly comes through my minds people who have touched my life, who inspire me, and I really love them so much. I know that my family comes first, but I won’t put any of them in my list, because my family members are not ‘people’, they’re my family..

Before I start with my list, I just want to say that above of all, I really love my God, Allah SWT. Dear Allah, thank you for giving me such wonderful people in my life, for what I’ve got, for what I was, what I am, and what I will be. I know I’m not a good Moslem, but hopefully this lyrics can reflects what’s in my heart.

Opick - Rapuh 
Detik waktu terus berjalan
Berhias gelap dan terang
Suka dan duka tangis dan tawa
Tergores bagai lukisan

Seribu mimpi berjuta sepi
Hadir bagai teman sejati
Di antara lelahnya jiwa
Dalam resah dan air mata
Kupersembahkan kepadaMu
Yang terindah dalam hidupku

Meski ku rapuh dalam langkah
Kadang tak setia kepadaMU
Namun cinta dalam jiwa
hanyalah PadaMu

Maafkanlah bila hati
Tak sempurna mencintaiMu
Dalam dada kuharap hanya
DiriMu yang bertahta

Detik waktu terus berlalu
Semua berakhir padaMu

Okay now let’s begin the list.
1.     Muhammad SAW
        This is the best man in the universe. Just like what I’ve said, I know I’m not a good Moslem, but I know that I really love Rasulullah and I cried when I watched this.
2.     Michael Jackson
        Michael means a lot to me. He inspires me with his heart, his music, his voice, and there are so many good things that I’ve done because of Michael. To be honest, I think he is my first love.
3.     Rafael Nadal
        He is another good man who has touched my life. He taught me that no matter what, just don’t give up until it’s really over, because sometime, miracles come in the last minutes.
4.     Matthew Bellamy (Muse)
        This is the man who keeps me thinking that life is so short. Just do it now, don’t wait until tomorrow cause time won’t wait you. Use your time wisely in positive stuffs, because if you waste your time in negative stuffs, time will waste you in negative stuffs as well.
5.     My very best friends
        I don’t think I have to mention their names since I believe that when they read this, they know that I’m talking about them. These people are always being there when I need them. Our friendship is so strong, and it’s going stronger and stronger everyday. They always keep me on track, and always give me support when I am down.
6.     My best friends
        These are people who came to my life just a few months ago, and have touched my life since then.
7.     My students
        Maybe their influences to my life are not as big as my very best friend and my best friends. But one thing for sure, they always  fill my days with their unique behavior..

I hope that everybody who reads this note, will say “ooh..that’s me”
Well, that's all about people who inspire me, who love me, and whom I love so much...


Devi said...

wah misss... thank you for walking with me once in my life... =) Let's take care of this friendship well ...=D

vamos angie said...

yup ce.... it's a great pleasure to know you..... I'm so grateful having you as one of my best friends.... :)