Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grammy oh Grammy

Actually, I don't like to watch Grammy, because I don't like American music, and that's what happen in Grammy. It's hard to distinguish between Grammy and American Music Awards since both of them are for American Music. Just like Academy Awadrs, it's only for American. But Hello????? There are a lot of good mucic outside USA, but american people are too arrogant to face that there are some music which better then theirs. I thought Grammy is universal, but I was wrong.

Okay...There are some Europian singers/bands who won the grammy, but only 2 or 3. Now compare to American singers. I have a thought that the only reason why Coldplay can win the grammy, just because they changed their taste of music for the last album (which won a grammy last year) and tried to satisfied the american fans in order to conguer USA. I used to listen to coldplay's older albums, and I quite like them. But I don't like their latest, only 1 or 2 songs...and I hate the rests. I think this is just assures me that I don't like American music.

Have you heard Jonas Brothers? if you haven't yet, I suggest you to pick one of their songs. After that, pick one of MUSE songs. Then compare them. Please focus on the techniques, then tell me, which one is better. I believe that you will answer: MUSE. But if you answer the jonas brother, well...maybe you don't understand the techniques of making good music, or you are the jonas brothers fans.

And guess what???
The Jonas brothers got nominees for Grammy last year and Muse got nothing. 

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