Wednesday, February 3, 2010

You can leave comment now... LOL

So sorry guys if you can't leave comments. It's my mistake... There's something I forgot to check at the setting area.

Thanks to Sisfel for telling me this problem, hehehehe... I never tried to leave a comment on my own blog, so I didn't know if it couldn't be used. Sisfel told me that she couldn't leave a comment a few hours ago, and I checked my setting area. At first, I got confused. I said, "What's wrong??? I think everything is just fine. Why can't I leave a comment???"

It took me almost an hour to find the 'missing part' at the setting area...hahahahaha....
But the problem has been solved. You can leave your comments about my articles. Or you can just speak up your mind on the shoutmix.


1 comment:

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