Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Tribute to Michael Jackson at Grammy Awards 2010

The only reason why I watched The 2010 Grammy awards a few hours ago is just because I wanted to see the tribute to Michael Jackson and I really wanted to see Prince. Gosh... He's so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... LOL

I felt so bored watching the grammy, because I don't understand the music, but I had to wait for Michael and Prince. And then... Lionel Richie came on stage and presented the tribute. It was briliant...they sang Earth Song, there was Michael's voice... My God... I miss him a lot...And then... Prince and Paris came on stage to receive A life time achievement award for their father, Michael Jackson. Paris is so beautiful, and Prince is gorgeous!!!! Prince looked like nervous, but Paris felt confident. I don't know why Blanket did not show up, but that's okay. 

Gosh.... I love Michael so much and I love his children too...especially Prince... LOL


Little Secret Of Me said...

I'm so proud with them!! they're really amazing and wonderful children, we can see Michael's personality inside them :) I love Michael and his children always

Erna Mariyana Ulfa said...

tuuuuuh katanya ga hebat tapi fasih bgt tuh ngomongnya.
iyaa prince cute bangeeeeeeeeeettt guanteng . love you prince :D